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I would like to introduce you to Laundered Goods | Design & Apparel. It’s been a year in the making and now it’s time to share the hard work…this Thursday!

You may have heard about my new venture in t-shirts, apparel and other quality goods, and I would like to clear up the mystery of the Laundered Goods brand and mission.

As an Artist and Graphic Designer I have been working for other people throughout my entire career and my own art and passion has slowly been pushed aside. While I am extremely grateful for the career I have built, I have been in need of a creative space to do what I do best. Those who know me know that I am pretty simple when it comes to how I live my life, but when it comes to where I put my money the goods I buy have to be well designed with authentic, quality products. I haven’t found a lot of companies offering the products I want and with my background and passion for design, packaging and promotional merchandise I found the outlet I was looking for. Laundered Goods is a brand with values and is my creative pursuit to give back by providing quality apparel while bringing awareness to amazing artists and non-profit charities.

What’s the big idea?
Laundered Goods will be partnering with non-profit organizations to create Limited Edition apparel and goods that creatively represent their charity. These products will be offered throughout the year for a limited time and a portion of the profits will be donated back to the related charity. Once these items are sold out they will not be reprinted.

We will also begin partnering with other artists and creatives. This will provide the opportunity to showcase some amazing talent and provide original styles and high-quality designs, along with our own trusty favorites.

All of our products will be created with comfort, quality, and design in mind. We want to make sure that the goods we offer will become your favorites, as they are ours.

3, 2, 1…
Our Laundered Launch will begin on Thursday with four new products. We will be offering our Limited Edition Laundered Launch themed t-shirt, this design was created specifically for our launch, and is ONLY available for pre-sale until September 3rd.

We will also be offering our Laundered Goods Icon V-neck T-shirt in Midnight Blue and Crimson Red. These are also available for pre-sale, and will be stocked online once we receive and print initial orders.

Lastly, we have our new Laundered Goods Vintage Motel Keychain. With summer winding down, this cool blue keychain will make you feel like you’re on vacation all year round!

Sales from these initial products will help us get our feet off the ground so we can continue to grow and offer unique items and exciting products!

If these shirts aren’t your thing but you want to support my creative adventure there is a button on the website to accept donations. Your support means the world and as a token of appreciation you will receive a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase. We will have more products up soon and are sure you will find something you like!

Buy a t-shirt, read more about us and check out our FAQs!

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If you have a non-profit charity and are interested in partnering with us, or are an artist or creative with awesome ideas and a passion for design we want to hear from you! Contact me!

The Fearless Leader

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